Approximately 12% of Washington residents experience food insecurity each year.

The Edmonds Food Bank is transforming lives and eliminating food insecurity in our community.

Edmonds Food Bank

 The Vision of the Edmonds Food Bank is:

  • No person in our community is food insecure.

 The mission of the Edmonds Food Bank is:

  • to promote food security and self-reliance by providing our clients with a friendly, safe environment and wholesome foods each week.
  • to increase community awareness of food insecurity and its root causes in the Edmonds community.

Diversity/Value Statement

  • value all individuals, respect all individuals, be kind to all individuals.

Hunger affects many of us. One life transition – job loss or change, health issue, family crisis, cuts in benef its – can make it so we must choose between healthy food and other necessities. [ Read More ]

The Edmonds Food Bank welcomes new volunteers. We currently have volunteer opportunities on Monday and Tuesday mornings, plus volunteer driver opportunities 7 days a week. [ Read More ]

Thank you to those who donate to our food bank! People are welcome to bring goods to our building at 828 Caspers Street in Edmonds. We keep grocery carts inside the double doors on [ Read More ]