Get Food.

Hunger affects many of us. One life transition – job loss or change, health issue, family crisis, cuts in benefits – can make it so we must choose between healthy food and other necessities. Often, we just need a little assistance. The Edmonds Food Bank is here to help. We are open on Monday and Tuesdays, 50 weeks a year.


The Edmonds Food Bank is located on the bottom floor of the Edmonds United Methodist Church

828 Caspers Street ,
Edmonds, WA 98020


Food Bank Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy – During inclement weather the Edmonds Food Bank will be closed if the Edmonds School District is closed. In all other cases, such as when the school district is delayed or on holiday, the Edmonds Food Bank will be open normal hours. In some cases, key staff and volunteers may be asked to address special needs. This policy is for the safety of our volunteers and clients. Please note, this policy differs form the EUMC closure policy.