Food Program

Hunger affects many of us. One life transition – job loss or change, health issue, family crisis, cuts in benefits – can make it so we must choose between healthy food and other necessities. Often, we just need a little assistance. Below is general information about our Food Program.

Distribution Days

You can pick up food on Monday (3:00-5:30 pm) or Tuesday (9:00 am-12:00 pm).  You can pre-order online (ordering is open from 5pm on Friday until 10am on Tuesday) or complete an order form when you arrive.

The Edmonds Food Bank services the Edmonds and surrounding area. Please understand we want you to get food from the most convenient location and are happy to help if ours is that location. You can refer to this site to find your food bank. If you are unable or unwilling to use those food banks, we are happy to assist you.

We do our very best to fulfill every order exactly, but please know our volume changes weekly and we sometimes run out of an item unexpectedly. In addition, all food provided by Edmonds Food Bank, including TEFAP, is for your household’s consumption only. Thank you for understanding. While you can schedule a pickup, Edmonds Food Bank reserves the right to cancel your order if you are not either a current customer or a new customer within our service area.

Home Delivery

If you are 60 years or older, or an ADA customer, you may qualify for home delivery. If you are interested in this option, please contact us at or 425.778.5833.


Please do not arrive on the property before your pick-up time. If you have more than one order to pick up, do not come until the final pick-up time assigned to your car. 

Inclement Weather Policy

The safety of our customers and volunteers is very important to us. If our transportation team determines that the roads are not safe to travel, we will close the food bank. We will provide updates on this website, Facebook, Instagram, and on our phone system should our distributions be affected by inclement weather. Please take time to check these sources before traveling to the food bank if the weather appears questionable.

Normally, the Edmonds Food Bank will be closed if the Edmonds School District is closed due to inclement weather. In all other cases, such as when the school district is delayed or on holiday, the Edmonds Food Bank will be open during normal hours.

Edmonds Food Bank Annual Donors:

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