We are still collecting PB&J all week at the food bank for our summer food drive!

Our Volunteers
Keep the Food Bank Going!

Become part of a community of over 300 friends and neighbors generously dedicating their time each month. Whether you can commit weekly, monthly, or prefer occasional volunteering, we have roles for you. Every single volunteer plays a vital role in our ongoing efforts to eliminate food insecurity within our community. Join us in making a difference today!

Becoming a Volunteer

The Edmonds Food Bank is always welcoming new volunteers. We currently have many volunteer opportunities, especially on Monday and Tuesday. In addition, we have volunteer drivers to pick up food seven days a week. To get started:

  1. Complete Application Below
  2. Schedule a Tour
  3. Complete Onboarding Activities Based on Skill Set and Availability
  4. Have Fun Creating New Relationships and Achieving Food Security in our Community

If you are interested in volunteering, complete the application below. Please contact Gabrielle here:  volunteer@edmondsfoodbank.org to schedule a tour.

Donate to our annual Give Big fundraiser today!

Visit Edmonds Food Bank | Washington Gives (wagives.org) to donate or to learn more!