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Starting each Friday evening at 5:00 pm, new and registered customers can order food online for the following Monday or Tuesday.  We also accept drive up orders during regular distribution times, though wait times may be longer.

How to order: When ordering online, you will provide your information, schedule a pick up time and choose your groceries. You will receive an email confirmation that your order is received and your scheduled pick up time.  If we have any issues with your registration status or your order, we will reach out via email.  If you are a senior or are eligible for food delivery, you will not be able to schedule a time for pick up. Additional information on registration and eligibility is below.

Who is eligible to order? The Edmonds Food Bank services the Edmonds and surrounding area. Please understand we want you to get food from the most convenient location and are happy to help if ours is that location. You can refer to this site to find your food bank. If you are unable to use those food banks, we request an explanation prior to fulfilling your order.

We do our very best to fulfill every order exactly, but please know our volume changes weekly and we sometimes run out of an item unexpectedly.  Thank you for understanding. While you can schedule a pickup, Edmonds Food Bank reserves the right to cancel your order if you are not either a current customer or a new customer within our service area.

How do I register? Please email foodorder@edmondsfoodbank.org to begin the registration process or request a form when you pick up your 1st online food order. We collect a bit of information to know how many households and individual customers we have. Please come to Edmonds Food Bank on Monday between 3-5:30pm or Tuesday between 9:00-12pm to order food and complete your registration if you do not wish to order online. If any of this is an issue for you to provide please send us an email with details to foodorder@edmondsfoodbank.org and request a call.

Thank you for your cooperation. Once your information is updated, you will not need to provide it again until next June.

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